Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm not planning on writing much of a post here, but I thought I'd make an appearance on my poor neglected blog. I've grown tired of looking at the blue background, so I thought something a little lighter and brighter would be nice. I love the colour blue -- most shades of it I would say, but the former blue of my blog has been eliciting somber feelings lately, and I don't really need that right now. I'll give this colour combo a try for a while.

Speaking of changes, I am going to make a couple of them in the near future. I have decided that the answer to the therapy question is a most definite yes. I found a woman who works close to my neighbourhood and who sounds, at least on paper, like she'll be a good fit for me. I shall soon find out. I won't scare -- I mean bore -- you with the reasons for my decision to pay someone to listen to me complain, but suffice it to say that I've become increasingly nutty over the last month or so. Hopefully, this woman will help me reduce my level of nuttiness to something that is acceptable to me and to my family. She's well educated and has many years of experience so I'm feeling optimistic.

I'm also going to start exercising ... I think. No, I am. I do not feel, or look, like myself anymore and that has got to change. I am not this overweight person who is drained of energy and who can't EVER (well, almost ever) find an article of clothing that fits properly. Well, in truth, I have become that person, but it feels like I am not being true to myself, like I'm letting myself down. It's like there's this imposter in my life. I was putting up with her for a while, but I'm getting kind of annoyed with her at this point, so I think I'm going to have to ask her to kindly leave -- if only it were that easy. I think I might cut and colour my hair, too. Maybe a new hairstyle will set the ball rolling.