Thursday, January 10, 2008

Where Have All the Tumbleweeds Gone?

Domestic Goddess? Not so much. But I have to tell you that I am in love with my new 15.6 Volt Cyclonic DustBuster. I just purchased it at The Home Depot on the weekend (where I went to find blinds and a light, not a DustBuster) and it has made me happier than I'd like to admit! The corners and stairs in my house have never been so cat hair free! Using it is sooo much easier than lugging around a vacuum cleaner. (Not that I have a lot of experience with that!) I think Kate's probably wondering where her content-to-live-amidst-cat-hair-tumbleweeds mother is. I wonder how long the novelty of having this great gadget will last, and by extension, how long my house will be this clean? If only there was an inexpensive, convenient gadget that would fold and put away laundry - it would completely transform my home!

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Sean R said...

Thanks for the laugh, sweetheart. People here in the office probably think I'm nuts since I laughed out loud amidst a sea of quiet cubicles! But great writing and I can't say I'm unhappy that there are now fewer tumbleweeds rolling around at home.

Love, Sean